Global and China Rodenticide Industry Ecological Development and Analysis Report 2023

  • In terms of market side, this report researches the Rodenticide revenue, growth rate, market share by manufacturers, by type, by application and by region (region level and country level), from 2018 to 2023, and forecast to 2029.

    The global Rodenticide market size in 2022 is 5946.4 million US dollars, and it is expected to be 10350.6 million US dollars by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.24% expected in 2023-2029.


    The main players in the Rodenticide market include BASF SE, Syngenta, Bayer AG, Senestech Inc, and Rentokil Initial PLC. The share of the top 3 players in the Rodenticide market is XX%.


    The report covers the market size information of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, and North America accounted for XX%, Europe accounted for XX% of Rodenticide market, and Asia Pacific accounted for XX%.


    The report segments the market by Type and Application. Pellet accounted for XX% of Rodenticide market in 2022. Liquid share of XX%.

    Agricultural Fields accounted for XX% of the Rodenticide market in 2022. Warehouse Pest accounts for XX%.

    Report Includes:

    This report presents an overview of global market for Rodenticide. Analyses of the global market trends, with historic market revenue data for 2018 - 2022, estimates for 2023, and projections of CAGR through 2029.

    This report researches the key players of Rodenticide, also provides the consumption of main regions and countries. Highlights of the upcoming market potential for Rodenticide, and key regions/countries of focus to forecast this market into various segments and sub-segments. Country specific data and market value analysis for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Germany, the U.K., Italy, Middle East, Africa, and Other Countries.

    This report focuses on the Rodenticide market share and industry ranking of main players, data from 2018 to 2023. Identification of the major stakeholders in the global Rodenticide market, and analysis of their competitive landscape and market positioning based on recent developments and segmental revenues. This report will help stakeholders to understand the competitive landscape and gain more insights and position their businesses and market strategies in a better way.

    This report analyzes the segments data by Type and by Application, from 2018 to 2029. Evaluation and forecast the market size for Rodenticide sales, projected growth trends, technology, application and end-user industry.

    Chapter Outline

    Chapter 1: Introduces the product overview, research purposes, and then includes economic analysis of global regions, inflation analysis, and the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the market.

    Chapter 2: Analysis of the competitive environment of Rodenticide market participants. This mainly includes the revenue, sales, market share, and average price of the top players, along with the players' M&A and expansion in recent years.

    Chapters 3-5: Segmented the global Rodenticide market by type, application and region. Analyze the revenue, sales and price of market segments from different perspectives.

    Chapter 6: Analyzes the main companies in the Rodenticide industry, including their main businesses, products/services, sales, prices, revenue, gross margin, and SWOT Analysis.

    Chapter 7: Analyzes the Rodenticide manufacturing cost, including raw material analysis, manufacturing cost structure, and industrial chain.

    Chapter 8: Analyzes the Rodenticide industry chain, including marketing channels, distributors and major downstream buyers.

    Chapter 9: Introduces the market dynamics, the trends factors and drivers factors of the market, and the challenges and restraints faced by manufacturers in the industry.

    Chapters 10-11: Provide detailed Rodenticide market forecast data, broken down by type, application, and region to help understand future growth trends.

    Chapter 12: The main points and conclusions of the report.


    North America

    United States



    Asia Pacific (Excluding China)



    Southeast Asia











    Middle East


    Latin America




    Player list



    Bayer AG

    Senestech Inc

    Rentokil Initial PLC

    Neogen Chemicals

    PelGar International

    Liphatech Inc

    Bell Laboratories Inc

    Impex Europa

    JT Eaton & Co Inc



    Truly Nolen

    Types list




    Application list

    Agricultural Fields

    Warehouse Pest

    Control Companies

    Other Applications


  • With tables and figures helping analyze worldwide Global and China Rodenticide market, this research provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.

    Table of Content

    1 Rodenticide Market Introduction and Overview

    1.1 Rodenticide Definition

    1.2 Research Purposes

    1.3 Currency Rate

    1.4 Report Timeline

    1.5 Economic Analysis of Global Regions

    1.6 Inflation Analysis

    1.7 The Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian War on the Market

    2 Market Competition by Manufacturers

    2.1 Global Rodenticide Sales and Market Share by Manufacturer

    2.2 Global Rodenticide Revenue and Market Share by Manufacturer

    2.3 Global Rodenticide Average Price by Manufacturers

    2.4 Manufacturers Rodenticide Production Sites, Area Served, Product Types

    2.5 Rodenticide Market Competitive Situation and Trends

    2.5.1 Rodenticide Market Concentration Rate
    2.5.2 Global Top 5 and Top 10 Players Market Share by Revenue in 2023
    2.5.3 Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion

    3 Global Rodenticide Historical Market Analysis by Type

    3.1 Market Size Analysis by Types

    3.1.4 Global Rodenticide Market Share by Type 2018 VS 2022

    3.2 Global Rodenticide Revenue and Market Share by Type

    3.3 Global Rodenticide Sales and Market Share by Type

    4 Global Rodenticide Historical and Forecast Market Analysis by Application

    4.1 Market Size Analysis by Application

    4.1.4 Global Rodenticide Market Share by Application 2018 VS 2022

    4.2 Global Rodenticide Revenue Market Share by Application (2018-2023)

    4.3 Global Rodenticide Sales Market Share by Application (2018-2023)

    5 Global Market Growth Trends Analysis

    5.1 Global Rodenticide Market Size (2018-2023)

    5.2 Rodenticide Growth Trends Analysis by Regions

    5.2.1 Rodenticide Market Size by Regions: 2018 VS 2023 VS 2029
    5.2.2 Rodenticide Historic Revenue Market Size by Regions (2018-2023)
    5.2.3 Rodenticide Historic Sales Market Size by Regions (2018-2023)

    5.3 North America

    5.3.1 North America Rodenticide Revenue by Countries (2018-2023)
    5.3.2 North America Rodenticide Sales by Countries (2018-2023)
    5.3.3 North America SWOT Analysis
    5.3.4 United States
    5.3.5 Canada

    5.4 China

    5.4.1 China SWOT Analysis

    5.5 Asia Pacific (Excluding China)

    5.5.1 Asia Pacific Rodenticide Revenue by Countries (2018-2023)
    5.5.2 Asia Pacific Rodenticide Sales by Countries (2018-2023)
    5.5.3 Asia Pacific SWOT Analysis
    5.5.4 Japan
    5.5.5 Korea
    5.5.6 Southeast Asia
    5.5.7 India
    5.5.8 Australia

    5.6 EMEA

    5.6.1 EMEA Rodenticide Revenue by Countries (2018-2023)
    5.6.2 EMEA Rodenticide Sales by Countries (2018-2023)
    5.6.3 EMEA SWOT Analysis
    5.6.4 Europe
    5.6.5 Middle East
    5.6.6 Africa
    5.7 Latin America
    5.7.1 Latin America Rodenticide Revenue by Countries (2018-2023)
    5.7.2 Latin America Rodenticide Sales by Countries (2018-2023)
    5.7.3 Latin America SWOT Analysis
    5.7.4 Brazil
    5.7.5 Argentina
    5.7.6 Mexico

    6 Players Profiles

    6.1 BASF SE

    6.1.1 BASF SE Company Profile
    6.1.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.1.3 BASF SE Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.1.4 BASF SE Business Overview
    6.1.5 SWOT Analysis

    6.2 Syngenta

    6.2.1 Syngenta Company Profile
    6.2.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.2.3 Syngenta Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.2.4 Syngenta Business Overview
    6.2.5 SWOT Analysis

    6.3 Bayer AG

    6.3.1 Bayer AG Company Profile
    6.3.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.3.3 Bayer AG Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.3.4 Bayer AG Business Overview
    6.3.5 SWOT Analysis

    6.4 Senestech Inc

    6.4.1 Senestech Inc Company Profile
    6.4.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.4.3 Senestech Inc Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.4.4 Senestech Inc Business Overview
    6.4.5 SWOT Analysis

    6.5 Rentokil Initial PLC

    6.5.1 Rentokil Initial PLC Company Profile
    6.5.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.5.3 Rentokil Initial PLC Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.5.4 Rentokil Initial PLC Business Overview
    6.5.5 SWOT Analysis

    6.6 Neogen Chemicals

    6.6.1 Neogen Chemicals Company Profile
    6.6.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.6.3 Neogen Chemicals Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.6.4 Neogen Chemicals Business Overview
    6.6.5 SWOT Analysis
    6.7 PelGar International
    6.7.1 PelGar International Company Profile
    6.7.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.7.3 PelGar International Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.7.4 PelGar International Business Overview
    6.7.5 SWOT Analysis
    6.8 Liphatech Inc
    6.8.1 Liphatech Inc Company Profile
    6.8.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.8.3 Liphatech Inc Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.8.4 Liphatech Inc Business Overview
    6.8.5 SWOT Analysis
    6.9 Bell Laboratories Inc
    6.9.1 Bell Laboratories Inc Company Profile
    6.9.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.9.3 Bell Laboratories Inc Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.9.4 Bell Laboratories Inc Business Overview
    6.9.5 SWOT Analysis

    6.10 Impex Europa

    6.10.1 Impex Europa Company Profile
    6.10.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.10.3 Impex Europa Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.10.4 Impex Europa Business Overview
    6.10.5 SWOT Analysis
    6.11 JT Eaton & Co Inc
    6.11.1 JT Eaton & Co Inc Company Profile
    6.11.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.11.3 JT Eaton & Co Inc Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.11.4 JT Eaton & Co Inc Business Overview
    6.11.5 SWOT Analysis
    6.12 Ecolab
    6.12.1 Ecolab Company Profile
    6.12.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.12.3 Ecolab Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.12.4 Ecolab Business Overview
    6.12.5 SWOT Analysis
    6.13 Anticimex
    6.13.1 Anticimex Company Profile
    6.13.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.13.3 Anticimex Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.13.4 Anticimex Business Overview
    6.13.5 SWOT Analysis
    6.14 Truly Nolen
    6.14.1 Truly Nolen Company Profile
    6.14.2 Rodenticide Product Overview
    6.14.3 Truly Nolen Rodenticide Market Performance (2018-2023)
    6.14.4 Truly Nolen Business Overview
    6.14.5 SWOT Analysis

    7 Rodenticide Manufacturing Cost Analysis

    7.1 Rodenticide Key Raw Materials Analysis

    7.1.1 Key Raw Materials
    7.1.2 Price Trend of Key Raw Materials
    7.1.3 Key Suppliers of Raw Materials

    7.2 Proportion of Manufacturing Cost Structure

    7.3 Manufacturing Process Analysis of Rodenticide

    7.4 Rodenticide Industrial Chain Analysis

    8 Market Channel, Distributors, Traders and Dealers

    8.1 Market Channel Status

    8.1.1 Direct Marketing
    8.1.2 Indirect Marketing

    8.2 Rodenticide Typical Distributors

    8.3 Rodenticide Typical Customers

    9 Rodenticide Industry Dynamic Analysis

    9.1 Rodenticide Market Trends Analysis

    9.2 Rodenticide Market Drivers Analysis

    9.3 Rodenticide Market Challenges Analysis

    9.4 Rodenticide Market Restraints Analysis

    10 Global Rodenticide Forecast Market Analysis by Type & Application

    10.1 Global Rodenticide Revenue Market Forecast by Type (2023-2029)

    10.2 Global Rodenticide Sales Market Forecast by Type (2023-2029)

    10.3 Rodenticide Revenue Market Forecast by Application (2023-2029)

    10.4 Rodenticide Sales Market Forecast by Application (2023-2029)

    11 Global Rodenticide Forecast Market Analysis by Region

    11.1 Rodenticide Revenue Market Forecast by Region (2023-2029)

    11.2 Rodenticide Sales Market Forecast by Region (2023-2029)

    11.3 North America Rodenticide Forecast Market Analysis

    11.4 EMEA Rodenticide Forecast Market Analysis

    11.5 China Rodenticide Forecast Market Analysis

    11.6 Asia-Pacific Rodenticide Forecast Market Analysis

    11.7 Latin America Rodenticide Forecast Market Analysis

    12 Research Findings and Conclusion


  • The Global and China Rodenticide Market has been segregated into various crucial divisions including applications, types, and regions. Each market segment is intensively studied in the report contemplating its market acceptance, worthiness, demand, and growth prospects. The segmentation analysis will help the client to customize their marketing approach to have a better command of each segment and to identify the most prospective customer base.

    Report Objectives / Segmentation Covered :
    By Companies / players:
      By Regions:
        By Type:
          By Application:
          Frequently asked questions(FAQ's):
          Is the Global and China Rodenticide Market shifting its focus from growth to value?

          Recognize the areas along the Global and China Rodenticide Market's value chain where players are generating value. To get a complete picture, kindly read the entire report.

          What is the estimated size & growth rate of the Global and China Rodenticide Market?

          In recent years, the Global and China Rodenticide Market has grown at an incredible rate. From 2024 to 2029, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of yy%.

          Where does the Global and China Rodenticide Industry stands in terms of scaling end-use implementations?

          According to the Global and China Rodenticide Market research paper, organizations are making more progress than their supply chain counterparts, including suppliers.

          What is the estimated global market value of the Global and China Rodenticide Market?

          The Global and China Rodenticide Market is expected to reach a considerable market valuation.

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