Japan IVD Market Size, Share, Major Deals & Company Analysis – Forecast to 2025

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  • Published : Feb, 2019
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Ample Market Research published a report, titled, "Japan IVD Market Size, Share, Major Deals & Company Analysis – Forecast to 2025". The study provides insights on the present scenario as well as the growth prospects of the “Japan IVD Market Size, Share, Major Deals & Company Analysis – Forecast to 2025”. It presents the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the industry by analyzing the current trends, market growth drivers, restraints, opportunities, and various marketing strategies adopted by the players.

  • Japanese In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market is expected to surpass US$ 4.3 Billion mark by 2025. Japan represents one of the largest clinical laboratory markets in the Asia–Pacific region, and the fastest growing among the top ten IVD country markets. With an aging population, technological advances and advent of point of care diagnostics, Japanese IVD market is slated to show substantial growth in the future. Japan’s quickly aging population means the country is experiencing an explosion of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. All of these conditions can be diagnosed and monitored using IVD products. However, some of the factors limiting the growth of the market are a lack of proper reimbursement policies and stringent regulatory framework.

    Japan IVD Market Segment Wise Analysis

    • On segment basis, Infectious disease and Immunoassay are the leading segment of the Japan IVD market.

    • Clinical Chemistry holds the 3rd spot in the Japan IVD market.

    • Hematology and Tumor Marker segments are competing closely with each other to grab maximum share of the pie.

    • Pathology is the fastest growing segment of the Japan in vitro diagnostics market.

    • Genetic Testing captures least share of the Japan in vitro diagnostics market.

    Japan IVD Market Company Analysis

    • In Japan IVD market, Sysmex Corporation is the leader, followed by Roche Diagnostics.

    • It is predicted that Sysmex Corporation will maintain its dominant position throughout the forecasting period.

    • Danaher Corporation and Abbott Laboratories are other top two players in the Japan IVD market.

    • It is anticipated that biomerieux’s IVD revenue in Japan will be close to US$ 190 Million by 2025.

    Report titled “Japan IVD Market Size, Share, Major Deals & Company Analysis – Forecast to 2025” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast–evolving, high–growth Japanese IVD Market.

    This 128 Page report with 40 Figures and 4 Tables has been analyzed from 7 View Points:

    1) Japan IVD Market and Forecast (2002 – 2025)

    2) Japan IVD Market Share and Forecast (2008 – 2025)

    3) Japan IVD Market & Forecast – By Segment (2008 – 2025)

    4) Japan IVD Market & Forecast – Company Sales Analysis (2014 – 2025)

    5) Japan IVD Market – Major Deals

    6) Registration for In Vitro Diagnostic Devices in Japan

    7) Japan IVD Industry Drivers & Challenges

    Japan IVD Market – By Application Segments

    1. Urine & Feces

    2. Hematology

    3. Clinical Chemistry

    4. SMBG

    5. Tumor Marker

    6. Immunoassay

    7. Infectious disease

    8. Microbiology

    9. Pathology

    10. Genetic Testing

    11. Others

    Japan IVD Sales & Forecast – By Company

    1. Roche Diagnostic

    2. Abbott Laboratories

    3. Danaher Corporation

    4. Biomerieux

    5. Sysmex Corporation

    6. Bio–Rad Laboratories, Inc

    7. Becton Dickinson and Company

    8. Others

    Data Source

    Ample Market Research employs rigorous primary and secondary research techniques in developing distinctive data sets and research material for business reports. This report is built by using data and information sourced from Proprietary Information Database, Primary and Secondary Research Methodologies, and In house analysis by our dedicated team of qualified professionals with deep industry experience and expertise.

    Research Methodologies

    Primary Research Methodologies: Questionnaires, Surveys, Interviews with Individuals, Small Groups, Telephonic Interview, etc.

    Secondary Research Methodologies: Printable and Non–printable sources, Newspaper, Magazine and Journal Content, Government and NGO Statistics, white Papers, Information on the Web, Information from Agencies Such as Industry Bodies, Companies Annual Report, Government Agencies, Libraries and Local Councils and a large number of Paid Databases.


  • 1. Executive Summary

    2. Japan In–Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market and Market Share Analysis – Forecast to 2025

    2.1 Japan IVD Market and Forecast (2002 – 2025)

    2.2 By Segment – Japan IVD Market Share and Forecast (2008 – 2025)

    2.3 By Company – Japan IVD Share and Forecast (2015 – 2025)

    3. Japan IVD – Segments Wise Market and Forecast (2008 – 2025)

    3.1 Urine & Feces Market and Forecast

    3.2 Hematology Market and Forecast

    3.3 Clinical Chemistry Market and Forecast

    3.4 SMBG Market and Forecast

    3.5 Tumor Marker Market and Forecast

    3.6 Immunoassay Market and Forecast

    3.7 Infectious disease Market and Forecast

    3.8 Microbiology Market and Forecast

    3.9 Pathology Market and Forecast

    3.10 Genetic Testing Market and Forecast

    3.11 Others Market and Forecast

    4. Japan IVD Market – Company Wise Sales Analysis (2014 – 2025)

    4.1 Roche Diagnostics

    4.1.1 Business Overview

    4.1.2 Roche Diagnostics – Japan IVD Sales and Forecast

    4.1.3 Recent Initiatives/ Strategy/ Developments

    4.2 Abbott Laboratories

    4.2.1 Business Overview

    4.2.2 Abbott Laboratories – Japan IVD Sales and Forecast

    4.2.3 Recent Initiatives/ Strategy/ Developments

    4.3 Danaher Corporation

    4.3.1 Business Overview

    4.3.2 Danaher Corporation – Japan IVD Sales and Forecast

    4.3.3 Recent Initiatives/ Strategy/ Developments

    4.4 Biomerieux

    4.4.1 Business Overview

    4.4.2 Biomerieux – Japan IVD Sales and Forecast

    4.4.3 Recent Initiatives/ Strategy/ Developments

    4.5 Sysmex Corporation

    4.5.1 Business Overview

    4.5.2 Sysmex Corporation – Japan IVD Sales and Forecast

    4.5.3 Recent Initiatives/ Strategy/ Developments

    4.6 Bio–Rad Laboratories, Inc

    4.6.1 Business Overview

    4.6.2 Bio–Rad Laboratories, Inc – Japan IVD Sales and Forecast

    4.6.3 Recent Initiatives/ Strategy/ Developments

    4.7 Becton Dickinson and Company

    4.7.1 Business Overview

    4.7.2 Becton Dickinson and Company – Japan IVD Sales and Forecast

    4.7.3 Recent Initiatives/ Strategy/ Developments

    4.8 Others – Japan IVD Sales and Forecast

    5. Japan IVD Market – Major Deals

    5.1 2018

    5.2 2017

    5.3 2016

    6. Japan IVD Market – Driving Factors

    6.1 Technology Advancement Spurring the IVD Market

    6.2 Increase in Geriatric Population

    6.3 High Prevalence of Chronic and Infectious Diseases

    7. Japan IVD Market – Challenges

    7.1 Cumbersome Reimbursement Procedure

    7.2 Stringent Regulatory Framework


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