Instant Noodles Market In India 2017 with data on Demand and Market Segmentation of Nestle, ITC, HUL, Patanjali and Others

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    Market insights:

    According to the World Instant Noodles Association, India is the fourth-largest instant noodles market, globally, and accounted for 5.4 Bn servings in 2017. Consistent growth, and an ever-growing consumer acceptance have made this market a lucrative option for various players. The instant noodles market in India was valued at INR 93.66 Bn in 2017, and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~5.6% during 2018-2023. Among the various companies operating in the market, Nestle enjoys the highest market share (~60%), followed by ITC. Owing to its high rate of market penetration, Nestle could retain its popularity even after the ban on the marketing and sales of Maggi, because of the presence of excessive levels of lead, by the Indian government, in 2015. Following this, most companies focused on launching healthier versions of noodles using vegetables, atta, and oats. The market is infested with several players, including Nestle India Ltd. (Maggi), ITC Ltd. (Sunfeast Yippee Noodles), Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (Knorr Soupy Noodles), GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd. India (Foodles), Indo Nissin Ltd. (Top Ramen), and CG Foods India Pvt. Ltd. (Wai Wai), among others.

    Market drivers:

    A growing millennial population, and increasing customers who are working-class are driving the consumption of packaged food products, such as instant noodles, in India. Also, the companies have recently introduced several products, which are distinctive in terms of new flavors, healthy ingredients, and packaging. Depending on these factors, consumption of instant noodles has been increasing at a considerable rate in India, during the past few years.

    Market challenges:

    A large part of the population comes from the middle or lower-middle class. Therefore, price sensitivity plays a significant role in hindering the growth of the instant noodles industry across the country. Most people in rural areas are unaware of the various brands that are available unless they see them at their local store. Hence, lack of a well-established distribution network acts as a challenge for the instant noodles market in India.

    Companies covered:

    1. Capital Foods Pvt. Ltd.

    2. CG Foods India Pvt. Ltd.

    3. GSK Consumer Healthcare (India) Ltd.

    4. Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

    5. Inbisco India Pvt. Ltd.

    6. Indo Nissin Foods Pvt. Ltd.

    7. ITC Ltd.

    8. Nestle India Ltd.

    9. Patanjali Ayurved

    10. Thai Preserved Food Factory Co.Ltd

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  • Chapter 1: Executive summary

    Chapter 2: Socio-economic indicators

    Chapter 3: Introduction

    3.1. India instant noodles market definition and structure

    Chapter 4: Global instant noodles market

    4.1. Market overview

    4.2. Global instant noodles market demand – top 15 countries (2013-2017)

    4.3. Global instant noodles market per capita consumption – top 3 countries (2016)

    Chapter 5: India instant noodles market

    5.1. Market overview

    5.2. Instant noodles market size and growth forecast (2016-2023e)

    5.3. Instant noodles market - company-wise market share (2017)

    5.4. Porter’s five forces analysis

    Chapter 6: Key market opportunities

    Chapter 7: Trade analysis

    7.1. Export of instant noodles

    7.1.1. Value-wise

    7.1.2. Volume-wise

    7.1.3. Country-wise

    7.2. Import of instant noodles

    7.2.1. Value-wise

    7.2.2. Volume-wise

    7.2.3. Country-wise

    Chapter 8: Key growth drivers of the market

    Chapter 9: Key deterrents to the growth of the market

    Chapter 10: Competitive landscape

    10.1. Capital Foods Pvt. Ltd.

    10.1.1. Corporate information

    10.1.2. Business description

    10.1.3. Products and services

    10.1.4. Key people

    10.2. CG Foods India Pvt. Ltd.

    10.2.1. Corporate information

    10.2.2. Business description

    10.2.3. Products and services

    10.2.4. Key people

    10.3. GSK Consumer Healthcare (India) Ltd.

    10.3.1. Corporate information

    10.3.2. Business description

    10.3.3. Products and services

    10.3.4. Key people

    10.3.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)

    10.3.6. Key ratios

    10.3.7. Key financial performance indicators

    10.3.8. Business segments, geographical segments

    10.4. Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

    10.4.1. Corporate information

    10.4.2. Business description

    10.4.3. Products and services

    10.4.4. Key people

    10.4.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)

    10.4.6. Key ratios

    10.4.7. Key financial performance indicators

    10.4.8. Business segments, geographical segments

    10.5. Inbisco India Pvt. Ltd.

    10.5.1. Corporate information

    10.5.2. Business description

    10.5.3. Products and services

    10.5.4. Key people

    10.6. Indo Nissin Foods Pvt. Ltd.

    10.6.1. Corporate information

    10.6.2. Business description

    10.6.3. Products and services

    10.6.4. Key people

    10.7. ITC Ltd.

    10.7.1. Corporate information

    10.7.2. Business description

    10.7.3. Products and services

    10.7.4. Key people

    10.8. Nestle India Ltd.

    10.8.1. Corporate information

    10.8.2. Business description

    10.8.3. Products and services

    10.8.4. Key people

    10.9. Patanjali Ayurved

    10.9.1. Corporate information

    10.9.2. Business description

    10.9.3. Products and services

    10.9.4. Key people

    10.10. Thai Preserved Food Factory Co. Ltd

    10.10.1. Corporate information

    10.10.2. Business description

    10.10.3. Products and services

    10.10.4. Key people


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    2. About Research on Global Markets


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