Indian eLiquids and eJuice Market (2016-2022)

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Get in-depth COVID-19 impact and recovery analysis on the Indian eLiquids and eJuice Market

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  • Indian eLiquid and eJuice Market – Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts: 2016–2022

    Overview: eLiquids can be categorized into eJuice, eCigarettes, eFluids, vaporizer cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), electronic non-nicotine delivery systems (ENNDS), and eCigs. The eCigarettes are considered as an alternative to real cigarettes with no tobacco and is powered by a battery device that emits a flavored fog (nicotine is required if the user prefers it) when inhaled. In India, eCigarette business is in initial stage as consumers are starting to switch from traditional cigarette to eCigarette, which are considered healthier – hence eCigarette is becoming popular among the end-users. Additionally, eLiquids are 95% less harmful than a normal cigarette.

    Market Analysis: According to Infoholic Research, the “Indian eLiquid and eJuice Market” is estimated to witness a CAGR of 54.1% during the forecast period 2016-2022. The increasing young population, changing consumer lifestyle, changing demands, and spending activities have led the demand for eLiquid and eJuice in India. In addition, the development of innovative products with extra features helps to improve the customer satisfaction and increase the customer base as customers are demanding for various flavour products and they are ready to spend money. The Indian eLiquid and eJuice market is analyzed by types – pre-filled eLiquid and bottled eLiquid; distribution channels – online, offline (retail), and others; demography – age group and sex; and location – tier 1 cities, and tier 2 cities.

    Product Analysis: Pre-filled eLiquid is expected to reach $1,095.3 million by 2022 due to the growing demand for pre-filled eLiquid products in the market. In addition, the users often prefer refillable or replaceable eLiquid. The tier 1 cities segment is expected to play a major role in the market growth. The smokers in the age group of 24-45 years are primarily targeted by the eCigarette players.

    Key Players: The eLiquid and eJuice market in India is expected to grow and value chain players are continuing to expand, bringing new innovative products, and rising M&A activities to gain the revenue in this market. Some of the players included in the report are ITC Limited, Japan Tobacco Inc., Altria Group Inc., Godfrey Philips India Ltd., Reynolds American Inc., and Foschia (R.R. Chemicals).

    Benefits: The report provides complete details of industry trends about the eLiquid and eJuice market. The report provides business opportunities for various key stakeholders by providing an in-depth analysis of adoption and demand for eLiquid and eJuice. Some of the key points featured in the report aiming to help the industry participants are described below.

    The report provides complete details about major trends, drivers, restraints, and opportunities in each industry vertical. This business information helps the key stakeholders to understand the current and future market outlook to focus/expand/invest in various types and distribution channels and can target specific demography to offer the eLiquid and eJuice market. Further, this report provides the complete details about the tier 1 cities and tier 2 cities.

    Furthermore, the report aims to provide an opportunity for players to understand the latest trends, current market scenario, government initiatives, and technologies related to the market. In addition, helps the venture capitalist in understanding the companies better and take informed decisions.

    The report gives an opportunity to the players to improve their current business approach by providing strategic intelligence about the competition.

    The report also provides the competitive landscape of the leading players specific to eLiquid and eJuice market that helps them to understand about their competitor’s landscape.

    The report can also be tailored as per the specific info required by the users. The customization of the report is available on the basis of distribution channels, vendor profiles, and tier cities.


  • With tables and figures helping analyze worldwide Indian eLiquids and eJuice market, this research provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.

    1 Industry Outlook

    1.1 Industry Overview

    1.2 Industry Trends

    1.3 PEST Analysis

    2 Report Outline

    2.1 Report Scope

    2.2 Report Summary

    2.3 Research Methodology

    2.4 Report Assumptions

    3 Market Snapshot

    3.1 Total Addressable Market (TAM)

    3.2 Segmented Addressable Market (SAM)

    3.3 Related Market

    3.3.1 eHookah Market

    4 Market Outlook

    4.1 Overview

    4.2 Market Definition – Infoholic Research

    4.3 Evolution

    4.4 eCigarette Operation

    4.5 Traditional Cigarettes VS eCigarettes

    4.6 Government Rules and Regulations

    4.7 Market Segmentation
    4.8 Porter 5 (Five) Forces

    5 Market Characteristics

    5.1 Market Dynamics

    5.1.1 Drivers Environment friendly Helps to quit smoking Low cost and affordable price Less harmful than traditional cigarettes
    5.1.2 Restraints Battery explosions Government taxation, rules and regulations Increase in poisoning incidents
    5.1.3 Opportunities Opportunities for tobacco players Focus on developing states in India Increasing demand for pre-filled eLiquid
    5.1.4 DRO – Impact Analysis

    6 Types

    6.1 Overview

    6.2 Pre-filled eLiquid

    6.3 Bottled eLiquid

    7 Distribution Channels

    7.1 Overview

    7.2 Online distribution channel

    7.2.1 Resellers
    7.2.2 Websites

    7.3 Offline (Retail)

    7.3.1 Vape Shops
    7.3.2 Convenience Stores

    7.4 Others

    8 Location
    8.1.1 Tier 1 Cities
    8.1.2 Tier 2 Cities

    9 Demography

    9.1 Overview

    9.2 Age Group

    9.2.1 18–23 Years Age Group
    9.2.2 24–35 Years Age Group
    9.2.3 36–45 Years Age Group
    9.2.4 46+ Years Age Group

    9.3 Sex

    9.3.1 Female
    9.3.2 Male

    10 Vendor Profiles

    10.1 ITC Limited

    10.1.1 Overview
    10.1.2 Business Units
    10.1.3 Geographic Revenue
    10.1.4 Business Focus
    10.1.5 SWOT Analysis
    10.1.6 Business Strategies

    10.2 Japan Tobacco Inc.

    10.2.1 Overview
    10.2.2 Business Units
    10.2.3 Geographic Revenue
    10.2.4 Business Focus
    10.2.5 SWOT Analysis
    10.2.6 Business Strategies

    10.3 Altria Group Inc.

    10.3.1 Overview
    10.3.2 Business Unit
    10.3.3 Geographic Presence
    10.3.4 Business Focus
    10.3.5 SWOT Analysis
    10.3.6 Business Strategies

    10.4 Godfrey Philips India Ltd.

    10.4.1 Overview
    10.4.2 Business Unit
    10.4.3 Geographic Presence
    10.4.4 Business Focus
    10.4.5 SWOT Analysis
    10.4.6 Business Strategies

    10.5 Philip Morris International Management SA (PMI)

    10.5.1 Overview
    10.5.2 Geographic Revenue
    10.5.3 Business Focus
    10.5.4 SWOT Analysis
    10.5.5 Business Strategies

    10.6 Reynolds American Inc.

    10.6.1 Overview
    10.6.2 Business Unit
    10.6.3 Geographic Presence
    10.6.4 Business Focus
    10.6.5 SWOT Analysis
    10.6.6 Business Strategies

    11 Companies to Watch for

    11.1 Green Vapo

    11.1.1 Overview
    11.1.2 Green Vapo Market
    11.1.3 Green Vapo in eLiquid and eJuice

    11.2 Litejoy International Pvt. Ltd.

    11.2.1 Overview
    11.2.2 Litejoy International Pvt. Ltd. Market
    11.2.3 Litejoy International Pvt. Ltd. in eLiquid and eJuice

    11.3 Pure Vapors

    11.3.1 Overview
    11.3.2 Pure Vapors Market
    11.3.3 Pure Vapors in eLiquid and eJuice

    11.4 SPK Consumer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    11.4.1 Overview
    11.4.2 SPK Consumer Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Market
    11.4.3 SPK Consumer Solution Pvt. Ltd. in eLiquid and eJuice

    11.5 Shenzhen Joyetech Co., Ltd.

    11.5.1 Overview
    11.5.2 Shenzhen Joyetech Co., Ltd. Market
    11.5.3 Shenzhen Joyetech Co., Ltd. in eLiquid and eJuice

    11.6 Foschia (R.R. Chemicals)

    11.6.1 Overview
    11.6.2 Foschia Market
    11.6.3 Foschia in eLiquid and eJuice

    12 Competitive Landscape

    12.1 Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    12.2 Joint Venture and Collaboration

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  • The Indian eLiquids and eJuice Market has been segregated into various crucial divisions including applications, types, and regions. Each market segment is intensively studied in the report contemplating its market acceptance, worthiness, demand, and growth prospects. The segmentation analysis will help the client to customize their marketing approach to have a better command of each segment and to identify the most prospective customer base.

    Report Objectives / Segmentation Covered :
    By Companies / players:
    • ITC Limited
    • Japan Tobacco Inc
    • Altria Group Inc
    • Godfrey Philips India Ltd
    • Philip Morris International Management SA (PMI) Reynolds American Inc
    • Green Vapo
    • Litejoy International Pvt. Ltd
    • Pure Vapors
    • SPK Consumer Solutions Pvt. Ltd
    • Shenzhen Joyetech Co.
    • Ltd
    • Foschia (R.R. Chemicals)
    • Foschia (R.R. Chemicals).
    By Regions:
      By Type:
        By Application:
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        What are the future opportunities in the market?

        To understand the structure of Market by identifying its various subsegments.

        What are the major driving forces expected to impact the development of the market market across different regions?

        To analyze the market with respect to individual growth trends, future prospects, and their contribution to the total market.

        Which industry trends are likely to shape the future of the industry during the forecast period 2020-2025?

        To project the consumption of market submarkets, with respect to key regions.

        Who are the major driving forces expected to decide the fate of the industry worldwide.

        To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their growth strategies.

        What are the key barriers and threats believed to hinder the development of the industry?

        To analyze competitive developments such as expansions,agreements, new product launches, and acquisitions in the market.

        Who are the prominent market players making a mark in the market with their winning strategies?

        To share detailed information about the key factors influencing the growth of the market

        What will be the growth rate and the market size of the industry for the forecast period 2020-2025?

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