Global Motorcycle Carburetor Market Study 2016-2026, by Segment (Diaphragm Carburetor, Float-Feed Carburetor), by Market (Motorcycle, Scooter, … …), by Company (Zhejiang Ruixing, Fuding Huayi, … …)

  • Motorcycle Carburetor is the device inside an internal combustion engine of motorcycle that provides the area for air and gasoline to mix them together so that the engine runs properly. If there is not enough fuel mixed with the air, the engine ""runs lean"" and either will not run or potentially damages the engine. If there is too much fuel mixed with the air, the engine ""runs rich"" and either will not run (it floods), runs very smoky, runs poorly (bogs down, stalls easily), or at the very least wastes fuel.

    The global Motorcycle Carburetor market will reach Volume Million USD in 2019 and with a CAGR xx% between 2020-2026.

    Product Type Coverage (Market Size & Forecast, Major Company of Product Type etc.):

    Diaphragm Carburetor

    Float-Feed Carburetor

    Demand Coverage (Market Size & Forecast, Consumer Distribution):





    Company Coverage (Sales data, Main Products & Services etc.):

    Zhejiang Ruixing

    Fuding Huayi

    Zhanjiang Deni

    Keihin Group

    Kunfu Group

    Fuding Youli


    Zhejiang Kinzo


    TK Carburettor

    Zhejiang Ruili

    Ruian Sunshine

    Major Region Market

    North America



    South America

    Middle East & Africa


  • Table of Content

    1 Industry Overview

    1.1 Motorcycle Carburetor Industry

    1.1.1 Overview

    1.1.2 Products of Major Companies

    1.2 Market Segment

    1.2.1 Industry Chain

    1.2.2 Consumer Distribution

    1.3 Price & Cost Overview

    2 Motorcycle Carburetor Market by Type

    2.1 By Type

    2.1.1 Diaphragm Carburetor

    2.1.2 Float-Feed Carburetor

    2.2 Market Size by Type

    2.3 Market Forecast by Type

    3 Global Market Demand

    3.1 Segment Overview

    3.1.1 Motorcycle

    3.1.2 Scooter

    3.1.3 Step-Through

    3.1.4 Scooter

    3.2 Market Size by Demand

    3.3 Market Forecast by Demand

    4 Major Region Market

    4.1 Global Market Overview

    4.1.1 Market Size & Growth

    4.1.2 Market Forecast

    4.2 Major Region

    4.2.1 Market Size & Growth

    4.2.2 Market Forecast

    5 Major Companies List

    5.1 Zhejiang Ruixing (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.2 Fuding Huayi (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.3 Zhanjiang Deni (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.4 Keihin Group (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.5 Kunfu Group (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.6 Fuding Youli (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.7 Walbro (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.8 Zhejiang Kinzo (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.9 Mikuni (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.10 TK Carburettor (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.11 Zhejiang Ruili (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    5.12 Ruian Sunshine (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.)

    6 Conclusion


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