Air Care Market in India (2018-2023) with Market Share of Product Categories (Home Fresheners, Car Fresheners, Bathroom Fresheners and Air Fresheners)

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    Market insights:

    Changing lifestyle patterns among Indians and a growing emphasis on having clean environments are enhancing the demand for air care products in the Indian market. The air care market in India is expected to reach a value of INR 18.48 Bn by 2023, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~20.7% from 2018.

    Category-wise segment insights:

    The air care market operates in three main segments – home fresheners, car fresheners, and bathroom fresheners. In 2016, the home fresheners segment was valued at INR 1.5 Bn. The car fresheners segment was valued at INR 2.5 Bn in the same year, thus acquiring a 50% share of the overall air care market in India. With a rise in the sale of cars, the market share of car fresheners has picked up in recent years.

    Market drivers:

    Consumers, lately, are willing to experiment with different variants of air care products, including spray/aerosol air fresheners, to keep homes odor-free. Urban consumers are switching from traditional products such as incense sticks to more sophisticated and modern offerings such as aerosols. The demand for premium and value-added air freshener products with better fragrance is growing rapidly among upper-middle-class consumers.

    Market challenge:

    Most of the air fresheners available in the Indian market contain harmful ingredients like phthalates, which can result in reproductive abnormalities, allergies, and asthma. People, who are aware of the consequences of such ingredients, often stay away from air fresheners.

    Companies covered:

    1. Dabur India Limited

    2. Godrej Consumer Products Limited

    3. Airance

    4. J.K. Helene Curtis Limited

    5. Midas Care Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

    6. Procter & Gamble Home Products Private Limited

    7. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Private Limited

    8. S.C. Johnson Products Private Limited

    9. Sara Lee Corporation

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  • Chapter 1: Executive summary

    Chapter 2: Socio-economic indicators

    Chapter 3: Introduction

    3.1. Air care market in India - definition and structure

    Chapter 4: India air care market

    4.1. Market overview

    4.2. Air care market size and growth forecast (2018-2023e)

    Chapter 5: India air care market segmentation

    5.1. Category-wise (2018)

    5.1.1. Based on value

    5.1.2. Based on market share

    5.2. Player-wise (2018)

    5.2.1. Dabur India Limited

    5.2.2. Others

    Chapter 6: Trade analysis

    6.1. Export of air care products

    6.1.1. Value-wise

    6.1.2. Volume-wise

    6.1.3. Country-wise

    6.2. Import of air care products

    6.2.1. Value-wise

    6.2.2. Volume-wise

    6.2.3. Country-wise

    Chapter 7: Key market opportunities

    Chapter 8: Key growth drivers of the market

    Chapter 9: Key deterrents to the growth of the market

    Chapter 10: Competitive landscape

    10.1. Dabur India Limited

    10.1.1. Corporate information

    10.1.2. Business description

    10.1.3. Products and services

    10.1.4. Key people

    10.1.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)

    10.1.6. Key ratios

    10.1.7. Key financial performance indicators

    10.1.8. Business segments, geographical segments

    10.2. Godrej Consumer Products Limited

    10.2.1. Corporate information

    10.2.2. Business description

    10.2.3. Products and services

    10.2.4. Key people

    10.2.5. Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)

    10.2.6. Key ratios

    10.2.7. Key financial performance indicators

    10.2.8. Business segments, geographical segments

    10.3. Airance

    10.3.1. Corporate information

    10.3.2. Business description

    10.3.3. Products and services

    10.3.4. Key people

    10.4. J.K. Helene Curtis Limited

    10.4.1. Corporate information

    10.4.2. Business description

    10.4.3. Products and services

    10.4.4. Key people

    10.5. Midas Care Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

    10.5.1. Corporate information

    10.5.2. Business description

    10.5.3. Products and services

    10.5.4. Key people

    10.6. Procter & Gamble Home Products Private Limited

    10.6.1. Corporate information

    10.6.2. Business description

    10.6.3. Products and services

    10.6.4. Key people

    10.7. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Private Limited

    10.7.1. Corporate information

    10.7.2. Business description

    10.7.3. Products and services

    10.7.4. Key people

    10.8. S.C. Johnson Products Private Limited

    10.8.1. Corporate information

    10.8.2. Business description

    10.8.3. Products and services

    10.8.4. Key people

    10.9. Sara Lee Corporation

    10.9.1. Corporate information

    10.9.2. Business description

    10.9.3. Products and services

    10.9.4. Key people


    1. Research methodology

    2. About Research on Global Markets


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